Speed Increase Stand cum Pinion Stand
A Speed Increase stand is generally installed in a strip mill in between Intermediate Mill Stands to increase the output speed of the rolled product. We can manufacture and supply double and triple output shafts as required, technicalities of our Pinion Gear Boxes are: Casing/Housing/Structure Material Steel Fabricated. Special Features of our Gear Boxes:
  • Heavy duty and sturdy design of gear box and gears which are suitable to bear overloads.
  • Complete structure of Gear Box is MIG welded which is tested by non-destructive weld testing.
  • Complete casing/housing/structure of the Gear Box is stress relieved and fully aligned.
  • Casing/housing/structure of the Gear Box is horizontal split type.
  • All gears are ultrasonic tested, duly hardened ground.
  • Rated torque, rated speed, torsional stiffness and backlash are some of the points considered while designing a gear box.
  • All pitches of the gears are precisely checked and tested trial.
  • Genuine and branded heavy duty antifriction spherical roller bearings are installed after thorough calculation.
  • Double Oil Seals complete with Internal and external pipeline for lubrication of gears and bearings are provided.
  • Forced cooling arrangement/duplex type with inter locking system is provided.
  • Inspection windows at various levels are provided for proper interlocking with mill.
  • Vent pipes are provided for release of heat and oil from inside the Gear Box.
  • 72 hour non-stop trial of Gear Box is done on various speeds before dispatch.
  • Vibration, voice and lapping levels are throughly checked on trial before dispatch.
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